The Story

Carolyn, 27, is the hero of Tango Underpants.  A reserved, capable and reliable person, she has always had that niggling feeling there is more to life than she is experiencing.  Finally, she gathers up the courage to quit her job and go travelling to see the world.

We meet her nearing the end of her travels as she arrives in Buenos Aires. She has split with her boyfriend, is sick of living out of a backpack and feels like a constant outsider.  What had once been an adventure is now an endless stream of dodgy backpackers and too many churches – Carolyn has completely lost her mojo.

It is only when she has a chance encounter with the dance of the Tango and the wonderful Lina that her eyes are opened to the possibilities around her.

Will Carolyn learn to embrace life or will she remain an eternal spectator?

Based on a short story by Carolyn Swindell.